I’m excited to announce I’m starting a podcast called, “Keepin’ it Real with Kylie Pontius.” The following is a brief description:

“A podcast dedicated to telling authentic stories of everyday people. In a time where the world feels so divided, this is a safe space to explore new ideas and different perspectives. Through controversial topics and candid interviews, we’re all about telling the truth. Listen with an open mind, and you just might learn something new.”

I’ll be interviewing people I know and love, as well as people I don’t know, all in an effort to unite our divided world through truth telling. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, this is my way of turning lemons into lemonade (sorry to be cliché).

If you’d like to be interviewed, reach out to me on my Contact page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able; be sure to include a detailed message. I’m interested in talking to people who are eager to shed light on a specific life experience (e.g. motherhood, working from home, dating) by talking about it openly.

The intro episode is up (it’s about a minute long), and I’m hoping to upload full episodes by the end of the week!

I’ll post podcasts to my blog as they become available. I hope you’ll follow along and listen! 🙂

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